A new brand for a new vision of vehicle smart repair





Located in numerous Tesco car parks nationwide, Xpress Centres complete minor car repairs such as dents and scratches on a fast turnaround basis.

After partnering with Tesco, Xpress needed a strong, professional brand presence as they had no real marketing attributes and were unrecognisable from competitors.

So we worked on a complete marketing package. This included a new logo for Xpress Centres (which reflected their modern and slick style); a time-lapse video and motion graphics to show their efficient working process; and refreshed social media channels.

To gain strong customer awareness within Tesco stores and the car parks themselves, we also developed a full array of Xpress Centre marketing materials: from gazebos to pop-up stands, posters, bollard boards, flyers, and balloons. Our tactical thinking even extended to the shopping trolley coins!

Xpress now plan to open even more centres to continue extending their network – and their brand.