Southam College
New brand identity, which depicts progress, development and achievement





Working closely with a new Head Teacher at Southam College, whose goal was to give the students a school and college to be proud of, we relished the opportunity to change the whole dynamics and appearance of this Warwickshire school’s collateral. Out went the boring photos of kids just smiling or shaking hands with teachers, in came close-up shots conveying passion, achievement and joy. The new brand identity, which depicts progress, development and achievement, was followed with an interior refurbishment, school signage, striking banners, posters, stationery, social media sites and an inspiring prospectus. A new reception and website design finished off a great project.

The inspirational ideas that Abstract provided in the rebranding of our school have been key to our success. Our students achievements are celebrated everywhere, and make them believe that anything is achievable. Abstract’s work has created an environment every member of the school community is filled with pride. I recommend them UNRESERVEDLY!!!

Ranjit Samra

Head Teacher, Southam College