PHS Group
Rebrand of one of the leading suppliers on workplace services in the UK





The PHS Group is one of the leading suppliers of workplace services in the UK with more than 5,000 colleagues at over 140 sites, helping over 200,000 organisations through their expert workplace services.

When they needed to update their overall branding, we carefully evolved aspects of the PHS brand – making it more contemporary and striking with new elements and vibrant colours. In addition, we’ve produced digital marketing campaigns to help PHS sales teams connect better with their customers.

Overall, we helped PHS refresh their brand across the entire business – which also enhanced greater unity internally.

One of our most exciting recent PHS projects was working on LifeCycle, the multi-million pound investment that resolves one of the most urgent environmental challenges –recycling millions of hygiene products (such as disposable nappies) into clean energy.

So we developed an individual brand identity for LifeCycle by developing a microsite, landing pages, animated logos, flyers and booklets. Now this revolutionary and remarkable product benefits from its own distinctive presence within the PHS brand.