Bilton School
New brand identity, which depicts progress, development and achievement




Aspiration new branding can make all the difference. Just ask the pupils and staff at Bilton School, a major secondary school with academy status situated near Rugby, Warwickshire…

With the opening of an impressive new building (including a state-of-the-art modern gym), Bilton needed to fulfil its true potential. Prior to our involvement, Bilton’s only existing branded elements were a corporate logo and student uniform – both of which required updating.

Firstly, we identified the colours used across the new building (purples and greens) and updated the Bilton brand incorporating these new colours.

Then we updated their logo to make it visually inspiring and used key elements across the school’s marketing collateral to create a clear and dynamic brand identity.

Finally, we allocated prominent areas within the school to showcase large posters and interior design elements that confidently reflected the new messaging. Not to mention creating a lovely new prospectus for potential students, too.

This new visual identity has been instrumental in generating a positive attitude towards the school by proud students, parents and teachers alike – illustrated by an exceptionally strong attendance at Bilton’s successful open day.