The world around us may change, but your brand identity shouldn’t.

NetPrint enables companies to drive down costs, lift productivity and maintain a constant brand. This self-service marketing tool harnesses the energy and commitment of branch staff and dealer networks but always ensures full control of brand standards. Local marketing collateral is executed professionally, with up to 80% gains in time and at least 30-40% savings in costs. Central marketing “knowledge” is distributed efficiently and central support becomes viewed as a huge help to local requirements, not an under-resourced obstacle. NetPrint is a simple, intuitive way for people to get the local marketing materials they need but from a central, web-based source.

So, how does it work?

NetPrint allows your organization to build a portfolio of brand-compliant templates that can be edited and, saved and used online and offline. It is suitable for: brochures; direct mail; leaflets; advertising, POS/Posters; e-mailers; internal documents and much more. The user-friendly, editable templates are accessed by a secure link, from your intranet or by URL. Users can edit, save, store and order marketing materials without deviating from brand guidelines. Fonts, colours and images are set precisely or as loosely as the Template builder decides. A production-ready PDF is delivered to the User’s desktop or preferred supplier. An order approval chain option provides further control for management. Simplicity of use is at the heart of NetPrint with all features within the capability of marketing and admin personnel. NetPrint gives you control while managing your company brand identity.


Digital brochures

Turning your printed brochures and catalogues into digital publications increases their reach exponentially. It makes them instantly available to anyone in the world. It saves on printing costs and generates unlimited economies of scale. It can add an element of interactivity, to help you connect with your reader, and it makes it easy and inexpensive to update your promotional material when your products or pricing change. Suddenly, your key literature can be shared among your target audience via social media, email and through your website. And it looks great on a screen – a slick, bright and engaging presentation of your offering. We can create digital brochures from scratch or convert your existing hard copy brochures into interactive, online sales tools that bring your promotional material to life. Either way, you get versatile, cost-effective, sharable content that sells your brand when you can’t.


Corporate videos

In a digital world, video is arguably king. Whatever your story – be it one of growth or innovation or customer delight – an engaging film is an easy way to imprint it on the consciousness of your audience. We use creative animation, high quality video and punchy scripts to convey the most powerful messages about your organisation, helping you define and then achieve your objective. From first concept to post production to dissemination, our expertise will make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Corporate videos can achieve a lot. They can attract new employees, leverage a strong brand history, reassure stakeholders, persuade customers or generate funding. And once they’re made, they’re extremely versatile. Use your video at conferences. Play it in reception. Share it on social media. Whatever your message, we can turn it into a narrative that people will remember.


Powerpoint and PDF presentations

PowerPoint is a valuable tool which, when used to its full potential, can help bring your message alive and make an immediate connection with your audience. All to often, however, the opportunity is missed. Too much text, confusing or amateurish design, brand or tone of voice inconsistencies and sloppy messaging can all undermine the effectiveness of a presentation, and the impact and value is lost. We produce dynamic and creative presentations that look the business and ensure your message hits home. Our technical expertise means we’re able to really push the boundaries of what PowerPoint can do, using animation and interactive features where appropriate to engage and enthral viewers. We’ll work closely with you to define your objectives at the start and make sure they’re achieved by the end – and we’ll do it all in brand and to your timescales.