Now wash your hands

I used to take photographs on a 35mm film camera and wait for them to be chemically developed. Back then, photography seemed more of a gamble and certainly more expensive than the immediate and infinite world of today’s digital photography. I think this is the reason I was in the habit of hanging on to every single photograph I had developed. Even the foggy over-exposed ones with the sticker slapped over the top on it, (presumably to shield me from my own lack of skill).
I (eventually) discovered that the trick to being a better photographer was to bin all the failures.
“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”
Scott Adams ‘The Dilbert Principle’
So to design.
When brainstorming I find it essential to record every idea that rattles out of my brain, no matter how bad. Once the terrible ideas are down on paper or typed on screen, they are out of your head and won’t get in the way of the good ones. More importantly, once they exist on screen or paper you can delete them, bin them, exorcise them, flush them away and you can easily identify the ideas worth pursuing.