Our creative team

We are a creatively led, multi-disciplinary design agency based in Kenilworth, England. The world is our playground and we are passionate about creating compelling visual strategies and communicating brand stories that captivate your audiences. Our focus is always on your business and your customers’ needs. We love what we do. We love starting with a single, powerful idea and shaping it out in myriad ways across multiple channels. We love engaging people and generating real results. Our ambitions are high, our imaginations limitless. Partner with us, and we’ll achieve amazing things together.

Scott Bradburn

Managing Director
Scott is extremely passionate about design. He started Abstract 29 years ago and has overseen many successful re-branding projects and marketing campaigns, building and maintaining client relationships that are measured in decades rather than just years. Scott maintains his sanity by avoiding reality TV shows and maintains his youthful figure by avoiding desserts and running half-marathons!

Daniel Meggitt

Daniel is the organisational mastermind behind Abstract. He will appear blurred in most photographs due to his busy nature. He is often difficult to pin down as he is constantly needed in every part of the building. We are currently looking into using Daniel as an alternative energy source in a bid to conduct a more carbon friendly business.

Kate Evans

Account Director
A highly effective account manager with a creative background is a rare find indeed. Kate graduated from Manchester University with a 1st in International Fashion Marketing. She puts her incredible ability to manage multiple projects down to the essential consumption of breakfast chocolate. A highly skilled communicator both in her role and outside work. Kate’s constant pursuit of sunlight has fuelled the rumour that she may in fact be solar powered.

Faye Anderson

Creative Director
Faye has travelled the globe recording and logging artworks and design in that gargantuan brain of hers, giving her the most amazing ability to find a solution to any creative problem. During her 20 year career she has worked with a huge array of clients. Unfortunately, with a mind so full of creative ideas there is no space left to remember the name of any musical artists or films so don’t invite Faye to a pub quiz.

Chloe Gibbins

Studio Co-ordinator
Organisational mastermind Chloe brings project management and design skills to the role of studio co-ordinator. She acts as the lynch pin between the creative studio and the wider agency, managing schedules, workflow and production timelines. During cross examination we have sourced three facts about Chloe; she is a competent flautist, she has a birthmark in the shape of David Hasselhoff and she can open beer bottles with her teeth…although she assures us that one of these facts is untrue.

Paul Manning

Senior Designer
Pauls 20+ years of agency experience has resulted in an ability to turn his hand to almost anything. Last year he succeeded in practicing design alchemy by turning Microsoft powerpoint files into creative gold. His skills to take a brief through research, the formulation of a strategic creative solution to the execution of the finished product are as effectively applied to Abstract campaigns as they are to Paul’s home DIY projects. He maintains the studio morale with a highly effective combination of bad jokes and sausage sandwiches.

James Munt

Motion Graphics Designer
James studied fine art and graphic design and attained a Masters in Design and Digital media. After 13 years of agency experience through print, web and video James is only now learning to tolerate other people’s taste in music. At work his creativity is fuelled by flapjacks and coffee. Outside work he is obsessed with bicycles… and less about cycling. There is no truth in the rumour that he can gargle the Venezuelan National Anthem.

Neil Salt

Typography nerd Neil would rather be surfing right now…but as he’s as far from the sea as it is possible to get in this country he’s just going to have to focus on creating effective design work. He is famed throughout the studio for the volume of his voice which is inversely comparable to the asounding volume of his hair.

Samuel Viñolo

Animation Designer
Samuel is our Spanish animator with seemingly unlimited talents. He can speak four languages, edit video, create and animate 3D models, write programming code and once talked himself into a Goya Awards after-party, rubbing shoulders with Penelope Cruz, Benicio del Toro and Javier Bardem. Outside of work, Sam is happiest soaking up the many aspects of foreign cultures…especially the culinary side. The spicier the better!

Dave Nelson

Senior Programmer
Dave is the epitome of the ‘dark horse’ personality type. He heads up our NetPrint programming team… sitting quietly, writing complex lines of code to perform unseen magical tasks from behind the emerald curtain at Abstract. Outside of Abstract he is an animal. He sets himself on fire in front of crowds of people to perform flaming burnouts in his 7.5litre 200mph dragster. Seriously!

Maciek Kacperski

Netprint & IT Support
Maciek, also known as Magic, due to his unparalleled IT skills and loveable smile, is our NetPrint master. He uses his highly developed technical knowledge to produce and manage our NetPrint templates. His training in Control Engineering and Robotics enables him to work with exceptional precision, whilst utilising his lifeguard experience to rescue any layout problems without taking a breath.

Lee Groom

Finance Manager
Chocolate fuelled, book keeping, number wizard Lee lives a double life. When she isn’t organising the Abstract accounts, she’s either raising hell in Vegas or crashing skidoos up mountains.

What we do

Brand Strategy

Whether you’re creating a brand for a global initiative, a new business or a specific product, the decisions you make will have an impact on your long-term strategic goals. Only the very lucky hit the jackpot by winging it.

The fact is successful brands aren’t built overnight, and they don’t exist in a vacuum. They’re complex, living entities that take time to fully execute. And the forces that shape them can often compete – as anyone who has juggled the demands of senior management, competing departmental interests, budget constraints and time pressures will know.

Ensuring your short-term tactics will always support your long-term goals, which can be difficult, but it’s easier with outside help. That’s where Abstract comes in. Our objectivity and experience will help you strike the right balance between proactivity and reactivity so you get the very best from your available resources.

Corporate Communication

Getting the attention of busy people is hard. But at its most basic level, business is all about connecting with individuals. Your success depends on getting your message through. And whether you’re communicating with your employees, the local community, your peers, your investors or your customers, it’s not enough to hope for the best. You need to engage with them, empathise with them and ensure your message is understood.

In a crowded multichannel market, consistency of style, language and tone of voice is as essential as your visual identity. Abstract thrive in creating innovative presentations, digital interactive brochures, videos, animations, and campaigns that leverage our clients’ successes, by combining powerful visuals with crafted messaging and writing, to make sure that your story stands out.

Visual Identity

If you inherited your organisations’s current visual identity, then maybe now is a good time to evaluate this branding and how it visually communicates to your audience. Maybe there are inconsistencies across your marketing materials due to recent acquisitions or work with different creative agencies. Perhaps your offering has changed and your visual identity no longer represents your core business. Or maybe your brand just looks tired and dated.

Times change. Even instantly recognisable brands like Apple and BP evolve their identities when markets and cultures advance. Flat imagery comes and goes. Yesterday’s colour may have been blue, but what’s tomorrow’s? We don’t advocate knee-jerk reactions to the latest fashions, but we do help our clients stay relevant among their target markets.

A fresh look at your positioning could provide a platform from which to launch major change and a new chapter in the story of your brand. Isn’t it worth a conversation?

Marketing Communications

It’s a given that creative ideas must support the brand strategy. But true success – by which we mean measurable results – demands much more. When it comes to marketing communications, we’re guided by three principles: is it relevant, is it engaging, is it clear? And these hold just as true when we’re selecting channels of delivery as when we’re making the creative decisions that drive the visuals and copy in your communications.

So you have a compelling message to get across. One you’re sure will excite action. But remember, the message is only effective if it’s relevant and timely for the recipient.

Our industry is fond of the three-legged stool metaphor. Lose one and the whole thing falls over. But the reason it’s stuck is that it has proved, time and again, to be true.

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